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Shadow Immobiliser


Shadow Immobiliser is the first app-based immobiliser to be launched anywhere in the UK, offering an additional layer of security in order to protect your vehicle from theft. At a time where violent vehicle crime is increasing and thieves are becoming ever more innovative in their methods, the Shadow Immobiliser is the most secure method of protection for your vehicle, and the most convenient solution for the driver.

The Shadow Immobiliser system can prevent:

  • Potential loss of No Claims bonus
  • Time and expense of replacing your vehicle
  • Incorrect market value settlement
  • Loss of sentiment

With hot hatches, family cars, appreciating classic cars, luxury and commercial vehicles being targeted everyday by organised criminals, protect your vehicle from being stolen with a Shadow Immobiliser.


Driver Detection Card

In order to start the vehicle’s engine, a Driver Detection Card must be present within the vehicle. The Card does not need to be tapped, or swiped anywhere and instead works on proximity for the utmost convenience. The Driver Detection Card should be turned off or stored in the supplied Faraday Pouch when the vehicle is not in use.

Price Includes Professional Mobile Installation
To check availablility please contact us using the button below: 
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