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S.L.R Communications Ltd

Automotive Mobile Installations Company

S.L.R Communications Limited have many years experience supplying our service to some of the large UK companies where we are responsible for the Installation/Service of mobile and fixed "Hands Free" car kits. The installation of the kits into customer’s vehicles involves integrating the system with their existing in-car audio system. We have two main Business contracts with the Installation of insurance black box/Telematics units and Fleet Tracking within North Wales and surrounding areas.

We are experienced and approved in the installation of Vehicle Tracking systems for SmarTrack, Phantom, Scorpiontrack, Vodafone Automotive, Meta systems and ATVTRAC.

Approved Installers of Radio systems (Airwaves) for the NHS Ambulance service Vehicles.

S.L.R Communications Limited are Insurance Approved Installer, Industry Accredited Technicians, Thatcham recognised installer, Mobile Docs Registered, Parrot Certified Installer & Retailer. City & Guilds - Installation of Mobile Radio into Land Based Vehicle.

We work to the highest standard based on the FCS1362 code of practice.

We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality services available on the market and to ensure that you are 100% happy with our service.

Our installation experts will leave your vehicle looking as good as new - with no unsightly wires or holes in your interior- and will show you how to operate, maintain and manage your new equipment.

S.L.R Communications Limited is a North & Mid Wales Contractor, for the Installation of Insurance Black Box units, providing our services to a variety of Vehicle Insurance companies.

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